The high foreclosure rates in 2015 and 2016 continued in the first quarter of 2017 with 38 new Wallingford foreclosures. Wallingford homeowners are failing to stop fixable foreclosure actions.

  • Foreclosure mediators continue to encourage Wallingford homeowners to go it alone without proper legal representation.
  • Foreclosure mediation without representation is a trap that loses Wallingford homes.
  • Foreclosure mediation in New Haven county continues to be too slow and too ineffective to save hardworking Wallingford residents with savable homes.

Continuing a negative trend is the number of self-represented homeowners with inadequate assistance from the state foreclosure mediators who lose “savable” homes to the foreclosure courts in New Haven County. With over 560 Wallingford homes lost in foreclosure in the past five years, the first 90 days of 2017 saw another 27 Wallingford homes “not saved” in the state’s malfunctioning foreclosure mediation program:

  • Fully dedicated and experienced representation of your interest in foreclosure mediation.
  • Chapter 13 plans of reorganization and all forms of bankruptcy protection.
  • Comprehensive debt relief, foreclosure solutions, lien removal.

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Get help now. Wallingford homeowners in trouble need and deserve proven options from specialized experienced home saving lawyers dedicated to saving homes from foreclosure by all legal means possible. At the Law offices of Neil Crane, this includes:

  1. Fully dedicated representation in mediation.
  2. Chapter 13.
  3. Comprehensive debt relief and foreclosure solutions.

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