Unfair Debt Collection Practices in Connecticut

We can protect you from creditors and other debt collectors today. Our law firm can put a stop to the harassing actions of collectors and even file lawsuits against those who violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and various other laws that entitle you to protection from illegal phone calls and creditor harassment. If your rights have been violated, you might have a case for strong legal action.

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, we protect the rights of individuals, families and businesses throughout the state of Connecticut. Debt collectors do not have the freedom to take any action they want to get you to pay debts. Through our knowledge of consumer protection laws and the Chapter 7, 11 or 13 bankruptcy filing process, we can stop creditor harassment and stop levies, attachments, wage garnishments and lawsuits. But we will take your case even further if we find evidence that a debt collector broke the law trying to collect debt from you.

Creditor harassment often entitles you to bring suit and make a claim for monetary damages to you and other related parties.

Creditors routinely violate laws in place for your protection, but there is a way to prevent this illegal activity and fight back. If your rights have been violated, we can prevent the violations from recurring and take strong legal action to make creditors pay you for their illegal activities.

Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation. We will discuss your concerns, aspects of the FDCPA and the Borrowers Bill of Rights that apply to your case, and your full financial situation during our first meeting. Our collection defense attorneys serve clients at offices throughout the state, including Hamden, Bridgeport, Waterbury, Rocky Hill and Ridgefield.

Take Legal Action Against Abusive Debt Collection Agency

Phone calls and demanding letters are one thing. Continual harassment at work, home and on your cellphone, calls to neighbors or family members, intimidation, threats, misrepresentation of information and many other common harassment actions are illegal. Through suit brought by experienced counsel, you may be entitled to payment for damages and abuse.

Federal Laws and State Laws for Your Protection:

  • FDCPA: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Telecommunications Act
  • FCRA: Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • RESPA: Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act
  • CUTPA: Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, we know how to make these legal protections work for you, and we are immediately available by telephone or for a free consultation. Take action against illegal harassment and call us today at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 888-249-3027.

Taking action against debt collectors who have violated the FDCPA and abused your rights requires an understanding of the applicable laws. Our experience and knowledge of the proper laws can guide your case with ease, end harassment and abuse, and even seek compensation for losses and hardship brought on by illegal debt collection practices.

A list of other actions debt collectors cannot take against you includes:

  • Contacting your neighbors about your debt
  • Contacting your family members about your debt
  • Contacting your employer about your debt
  • Calling you every day until debts are paid
  • Leaving unlimited voicemail on your phone
  • Contacting you at unreasonable hours of the day or night
  • Threatening to garnish more wages than allowable under federal law or state law
  • Threatening to garnish wages or levy a bank account without using proper legal channels
  • Threatening lawsuits, where no suit is intended
  • Selling your debt to another company to continue collection on a time-barred debt
  • Failing to provide prompt written evidence of a valid debt
  • Contacting the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) about your alien status
  • Filing or threatening to file a criminal bad check charge on a post-dated check

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