Student Loan Collection Harassment Lawyers

With rapidly increasing college costs, it is no surprise that many people find themselves in financial distress because of student loans.

Many people who have successfully completed all of their professional studies, instead of finding happiness and success, are facing financial chaos and dependence, thereby finding a bright and promising future crushed by overwhelming debt obligations. Solid and successful students often face immediate and overwhelming payments as a result of high-interest student loan debt. Even with the success of employment within your chosen field, wages are often insufficient to pay living costs and the excessive burden of large student loans.

Student loan collectors have the benefit of government backing and often use this immunity to abusively collect unmanageable student loan debt. Repayment obligations can be overwhelming, and credit card collectors are renowned for extreme collection techniques that even include threats to licensing and other professional standing that students have worked so hard throughout school to attain.

Effectively Reducing Financial Obligations To Afford Student Loan Payments

With a burden of crushing debt, professionals often consider filing bankruptcy — only to discover that student loans are one type of debt that is rarely dischargeable in bankruptcy. Even so, bankruptcy may be the best answer for many professionals. If you are able to eliminate other forms of debt through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, student loans may become manageable to repay. Furthermore, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can allow a debtor to repay student loan obligations at a reduced and affordable monthly amount.

For the best chance at resolving student loan collection harassment woes and discovering a workable strategy to move forward in your best interests, contact an attorney.

Call 203-230-2233 or 888-249-3027, or email The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, to discuss bankruptcy and other debt relief options. Another option may be to file a lawsuit against student loan collection outfits that have violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Connecticut Student Loan Collection Abuse Attorneys

Are you burdened with crushing student loan debt — and accompanying collection abuse — in Connecticut? Student loan collection harassment? Attorneys at The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, have been devising legal solutions for individuals and small businesses facing financial problems since 1983.

Our founding attorney, Neil Crane, and the other lawyers at The Law Offices of Neil Crane are experienced in dealing with student loan collection problems. He often takes clients with student loan collection problems on referrals. Advocacy groups and attorneys know that the attorneys at The Law Offices of Neil Crane have the in-depth knowledge and experience necessary to help people get the best possible results in difficult financial situations. Mr. Crane has been featured and referenced by the BBC and The New York Times regarding his knowledge about these complex financial issues.

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