Pension Withdrawals and Debt Problems

With continued economic stagnation, many Connecticut residents facing overwhelming financial problems have made the terrible mistake of withdrawing retirement money, pension and IRA assets to make payments on unsecured debt or meet mortgage payments. Unfortunately, this middle class exodus of pension funds is well documented.

Withdrawing pension money to catch up on overdue life expenses is one of the worst choices made by people in financial trouble.

Utilizing hard-earned and protected tax free assets to pay regular costs of living rarely solves the problem and often creates a large tax problem that can be difficult to resolve. Don’t do it or stop doing it and seek immediate legal advice.

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Avoiding Retirment Asset Withdrawals

If you are thinking of using your tax-free protected assets to make payment on your bills or you’ve already made that mistake, seek qualified professional assistance.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we know the problems created by pension, 401K and IRA withdrawals. We’ve researched it nationally and address it weekly on a case-by-case basis with individuals throughout CT.

Debt problems are rarely resolved by borrowing money from any source, let alone your hard-earned pension, retirement, 401K or IRA accounts. These protected accounts are almost always the last assets to ever touch for debt payments.

Protecting Retirement Assets

Don’t use one-time or high cost withdrawals to solve monthly problems. These problems aren’t solved by a one-time patch and nearly always reoccur shortly thereafter.

True solutions to financial problems require a long-term and permanent solution, not a quick fix. Understand all of your options and alternatives through experienced advice and professional help at your earliest possible convenience. Proper and specialized assistance can prevent bad decisions or keep them from happening again.

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