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As the mortgage crisis continues, individual borrowers have lost their voice. Every day at The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, we help them reclaim this voice by taking thorough and effective legal action. We have saved thousands of Connecticut homes since 1983, and our, law firm continues to protect the interests of homeowners throughout Connecticut.

Helping Homeowners Save Homes Through Mortgage Modification

The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, does much more than just represent people currently in danger of losing their homes. We lobbied Congress about the mortgage crisis before it even happened - when we spotted unscrupulous lenders preying upon borrowers who were unprepared for the financial strain of their particular mortgage.

We support people through the legal process and the hard work needed to force banks and mortgage servicers to utilize government plans to create mortgage modifications and save homes.

Obama's Mortgage Modification Plan — Hope for Homeowners?

While the Obama Administration has introduced a variety of programs to stop home foreclosure, the results are abysmal. Many lenders have no interest in providing the resources and efforts necessary to make these programs work. Delay is rampant. Homeowners need assistance in forcing the banks to take advantage of these programs. Early preparation, experience, and professional assistance are critical for achieving success. Because of bank delay and disinterest, the system can only work for you if you know how to work the system. Don't delay. We have a team of attorneys who know how to force banks and loan servicers to produce the results you need to modify your mortgage and save your home.

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