While foreclosure rates in the first quarter of 2017 fell from the record rates of the first quarter of 2016, first quarter foreclosure rates in 2017 were up over 21% from the rates of five years ago. With 89 new Middletown foreclosures in the past 90 days, nearly 1 house per day went into foreclosure in the first quarter of 2017. Middletown foreclosures are solvable.

Middletown’s continued high foreclosure rates and increased loss to foreclosure rates, clearly evidences the need for better answers and true solutions. Foreclosure mediation is still not the answer for Middletown residents seeking to solve their financial problems and save their homes. Homeowners in trouble need proven solutions and not false promises:

  • Foreclosure mediators do not represent homeowners – homeowners need experienced legal representation.
  • Foreclosure mediation is too slow and delays don’t benefit homeowners.
  • Homeowners can’t go it alone – prompt education and experience is the key to saving homes.

With specialized legal representation available and record low interest rates, Middletown homes are savable - homeowners need and deserve proven solutions. To learn more about preventing foreclosure, call the experienced attorneys At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC. We have been saving Middletown homes since 1983.

  • Foreclosure mediation success.
  • Chapter 13 plans of reorganization.
  • Comprehensive debt relief.

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