Foreclosure rates in Ansonia, CT remained at last year’s high levels for the first quarter of 2017 with 22 new foreclosures as compared to 23 foreclosures commenced in the same 90 day period in 2016. Ansonia continues to be plagued by an excessively high foreclosure rate that has remained unresolved by the state foreclosure mediation program. Ansonia homeowners in foreclosure continue to lose savable homes. Get help and stop foreclosure.

Homeowners in foreclosure need to seek immediate legal assistance from specialized foreclosure defense and bankruptcy attorneys experienced in all of the options available for saving homes in Ansonia, CT. Relying strictly on mediators, self-represented homeowners are not obtaining the education and options necessary for true success and long-term homeownership. Despite good intentions the state foreclosure mediation system is woefully in-experiences and ill-equipped to provide homeowners with the full range of options necessary:

  • Foreclosure mediation is far too slow.
  • Delay is deadly to homeowners seeking to save their homes.
  • Prompt legal education on options and answers is critical to long-term success.

To save your home, get the answers and dedication of experienced foreclosure procedure and debt relief attorneys At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we understand all the legal options available:

  • We are the largest provider of home saving and Chapter 13 services in Connecticut.
  • We have the track record experience and dedication necessary to provide proven solutions.
  • Foreclosure Mediation.
  • Chapter 13 home saving and debt relief options.

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