Foreclosure Mediation

Financially speaking, almost nothing can have a greater impact on a family than losing a home to foreclosure. At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, we understand that our clients often need our help and expertise to regain their financial future. Our Hamden, Connecticut, office gives families the experienced legal representation they need to protect their homes and restore their financial health. We frequently use tools like foreclosure mediation, as well as Chapter 13 bankruptcy, to save our clients' homes.

Work With Our Lawyers to Save Your Home From Foreclosure

Many people who face mortgage problems never realized that their financial problems could be solved legally. In fact, your mortgage is a contract. Because your mortgage is a legal agreement binding you and the lender, it needs and deserves the attention and guidance of an experienced attorney.

Connecticut Law on Foreclosure Mediation

Foreclosure is a state court process by which a bank repossesses your home through the local county court. Connecticut has instituted mandatory mediation in all residential foreclosure proceedings. Foreclosure mediation with experienced legal representation is the best opportunity to modify your mortgage and save your home from foreclosure. At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, we have years of experience in the mediation process throughout Connecticut, and can help you understand the process and maximize your chances for success. From beginning to end, we will assure that you achieve the best possible mediation results.

The key to success in mediation is prompt legal assistance and extensive preparation. Our law firm begins the process of saving your home by collecting all types of financial information. With our experience, we know all the financial information needed by bank lawyers to stop your foreclosure and successfully modify your mortgage. We understand the information, math and other income ratios that compel your bank to properly mediate and modify your mortgage.

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