New foreclosures in East Haven, Connecticut remained essentially constant with 208 new foreclosures in 2016 compared to 212 foreclosures in 2015. More importantly, the number of homes lost in foreclosure increased as strict foreclosures rose 13.7% and foreclosures by sale rose by 15.3%. Savable East Haven homes are still being lost to foreclosure.

Despite the promises of foreclosure mediation to save homeowners from losing their homes in the foreclosure process, 151 homes were lost in the foreclosure process in East Haven in 2016 alone. Clearly, the promises for protection by the state’s foreclosure mediation program are not working for East Haven homeowners:

  • Foreclosure mediators are not saving East Haven homes in the overburdened New Haven foreclosure system.
  • East Haven homeowners can’t rely on foreclosure mediators who have no powers or authority to stop foreclosure and save your home.
  • East Haven homeowners are losing homes to the delay in New Haven foreclosure mediation.

East Haven lost homes to strict foreclosure and foreclosure by sale in unacceptable record numbers, with strict rates up 59.6% from 5 years ago and sale rates up 38.8% from the rates of 5 years ago. East Haven homeowners in foreclosure cannot count on self-representation and mediators who have no answers or authority over banks and foreclosure law firms.

East Haven homeowners need real representation from chosen and specialized foreclosure defense attorneys like the attorneys At the Law Offices of Neil Crane where we have been saving East Haven homes since 1983. We specialize in all forms of foreclosure prevention and debt relief including:

  • Aggressive and successful foreclosure defense.
  • Chapter 13, Chapter 7 and overall debt relief.
  • Comprehensive and customized overall legal solutions to financial problems.

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