Following a record foreclosure year in 2016, homes lost to foreclosure in the first quarter in Shelton for 2017 continued on pace with 2016. As mediation solutions failed to help Shelton homeowners in foreclosure, Shelton residents fail to retain savable homes. Homes lost to foreclosure remained at unacceptably high levels.

With almost 300 homes lost in Shelton in the past 5 years and 79 in 2016 alone, mediation in the Bridgeport foreclosure mediation system continues to fail Shelton homeowners caught in foreclosure. By encouraging self-representation and distracting homeowners from seeking true answers and true help from specialized foreclosure defense attorneys, mediators are contributing to the landslide of homes lost in Shelton over the past 9 years.

Shelton homeowners can only escape the failing foreclosure mediation program with prompt assistance of experienced lawyers dedicated to saving Shelton homeowners in trouble:

  • The Bridgeport foreclosure mediation system loses savable Shelton homes every week.
  • Bridgeport mediators do not work for Shelton residents – they work for the foreclosure system. Shelton Residents need their own attorney.
  • Delay and self-representation has resulted in hundreds of lost Shelton homes.

Viable and proven options to avoid the failure of self-representation in the mediation. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we have the knowledge and experience to use all legal options available to save Shelton homes:

  • We diligently assert the rights of Shelton homeowners to succeed at foreclosure mediation.
  • We have provided legal solutions to all types of financial problems since 1983.
  • We understand all forms of federal bankruptcy protection to stop foreclosure and provide long-term comprehensive debt relief.

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