The first quarter of 2017 saw a large increase in foreclosures in Windsor, CT as home foreclosures rose 33% over rates found in the first quarter of 2016 with 44 new foreclosures commenced in the first 90 days of 2017. Savable Windsor homes continue to be lost to foreclosure. Homes lost to the foreclosure process increased as the insufficient options provided by the state's foreclosure mediation process failed to provide homeowners with the answers needed to prevent home loss to foreclosure.

Hundreds of Windsor homeowners continue to fail at self-representation in the Windsor foreclosure courts. The delays and mistakes made by foreclosed homeowners without legal counsel results in lost homes that could have been saved:

  • Foreclosure mediation in the crowded Hartford foreclosure courts for unrepresented homeowners is a total distraction.
  • Foreclosure delay and slow mediation creates lost homes that could have been saved.

The insufficient promises of foreclosure mediators and factory bank foreclosure lawyers have completely distracted Windsor seeking to save their homes. Windsor homeowners with savable homes need the immediate assistance of legal representation dedicated to stopping foreclosure and keeping families in their homes. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we offer prompt and experience legal solutions to financial problems including:

  • Over 30 years of experience in the Hartford foreclosure courts and the federal bankruptcy system.
  • Full evaluation and comprehensive plans for saving homes and overall debt relief.
  • Chapter 13 customized plans of reorganization since 1983.

We have the dedication and experience to save your home. To learn more, call us at 203-230-2233, you will speak directly with an attorney – we never use voicemail.