Debt Consolidation Lawyers in Connecticut

Solid Solutions for People Who Did Not Get a Bailout

Despite the need for immediate relief, many Connecticut families struggle with unmanageable monthly debt payments without any relief from banks or governmental assistance. Inadequate responses by our legislators, bailouts and poor settlements with big banks have not provided meaningful and much-needed help for a large number of distressed Connecticut households.

Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives and legal options available to resolve monthly debt problems and improve your financial future. With an experienced team of professionals on your side, we can work with your creditors to resolve or consolidate your debt and get you the relief you need.

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, our debt consolidation professionals are dedicated to helping individuals and families throughout Connecticut resolve their secured and unsecured debt. With more than 25 years of experience working with Connecticut banks and lenders, we know how to negotiate with creditors and find options that make sense for you.

Dedicated Help for the 99 Percent — Connecticut's Hardworking Middle Class

When it comes to debt settlement options, many people fall for false promises and credit consolidation scams from national companies. Our five local offices of debt relief professionals have been serving our neighbors in Connecticut since 1983. Our commitment to serving the people of Connecticut means that we understand the specific concerns faced by consumers in our state. From overwhelming credit card debt to astronomical medical bills, we are dedicated to working with consumers who need to reduce or eliminate their debt.

At our office, you will work directly with a group of professionals that thoroughly understands the entire process of consumer debt relief. All solutions start with a solid evaluation in an initial meeting with you face to face, at no charge, listening to your concerns and analyzing your personal budget. We will make sure that you understand the debt relief process. We will take the time and effort necessary to create a payment plan that you can afford and creditors will accept.

If You Cannot Keep Up With Your Debt, Make a New Plan

Many Connecticut families struggle silently with unmanageable monthly bills without the knowledge of other options or the benefit of experienced professionals. In order to avoid seeking help, many people continue to do their best on a course that really isn't working, even to the point of collection calls, mortgage notices and lawsuits. This lack of success or a true solution needs to be a sign that you need to make a new plan. It's time to get professional help and develop a solid new plan for debt resolution and financial success.

We Provide Cures, Not Short-Term Band-Aids

Debt consolidation may not be the right choice for everybody. You need to be educated to all the other options we know are available. While we focus on negotiating a fair plan, we will make sure that you can truly afford the reduced monthly payments and have backup plans ready, including court options if necessary. We are committed to curing your debt problems in a manner that has permanent protection for financial improvement.

Call for a Free Consultation With a Connecticut Debt Relief Professional

The best way to find out if consolidating your debts is right for you is to talk to an experienced professional who has been through the process thousands of times before. We are dedicated to helping our clients find effective debt relief and can help you explore the options that are best for you. Contact our Connecticut debt consolidation professionals online or call toll free anytime at 888-249-3027 to schedule a free initial consultation at any of our five Connecticut locations.

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