Connecticut Creditor Harassment Lawyers

No matter how your debts came about, you have the right not to be harassed by creditors. Creditors know full well — or should know — the limits placed upon their collection activities through long-standing consumer protection laws such as:

  • The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • The Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act (CUTPA)
  • The Creditor Collections Practices Act (CCPA)

Despite these powerful laws, creditors continue to abuse debtors. Unscrupulous debt collection companies and mortgage modification rescue scams take advantage of debtors and break the law while doing so. Banks use deceptive and coercive practices in their dealings with customers. They hold customers hostage through predatory lending, miscommunication, false promises and continuing delay.

Time and again, mortgage holders tell a familiar story: One department of a bank urges the mortgage holder to stop making payments on a mortgage in order to qualify for a mortgage modification. Meanwhile, another department of the same bank initiates foreclosure on the basis of the late payments.

Are you the debtor, consumer or mortgage holder who has been experiencing creditor harassment? Did your mortgage lender essentially rob you while being bailed out itself with taxpayers' dollars? The time has come to even the score. Creditor abuse and false government rescue promises demand that you obtain the best possible counsel available. Our involvement immediately protects you and forces them to play by the rules.

With your own attorney battling creditor harassment on your behalf, relief may be within your reach. The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, can help. We can guide you through methods of protecting your house, salvaging your mortgage and if necessary, filing lawsuits against offending creditors.

We devise strategies that have been proven effective in difficult financial circumstances. The answer to your tough questions and concerns is just a phone call away:

  • What about harassment and threats from creditors and debt collectors who have suddenly resurrected and brought to your attention old debts that you believed had already been settled or forgiven — and still cannot afford to pay?
  • What about debts that you co-signed for to help your adult children or other family members?
  • What about credit card debts that you incurred jointly with your domestic partner, who has now flown the coop?
  • What about debt that was assigned to your former spouse in a divorce — still unpaid, and now coming back to haunt you? ("Can I ever separate from joint debts after a divorce?")
  • What if your home is heading for foreclosure because your ex-spouse did not contribute to mortgage payments as stipulated in your divorce decree?
  • What about harassment from "payday loan" lenders who are charging outlandish interest rates, late fees and other trumped-up charges?
  • What if you are a professional struggling with student loan debt, at risk of losing your professional license?
  • How can you stop wage garnishments, bank levies or eviction from your home?
  • How can you go about suing a creditor, and what are you likely to receive if your case prevails in court?

Since 1983, we have dedicated our services to creating legal solutions for individuals and small businesses facing financial problems. With offices in Hamden, Bridgeport, Waterbury, Rocky Hill and Ridgefield, The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, offers convenience along with knowledge and experience with creditor violations. Prompt service and answers are just a phone call away. Call 203-230-2233 or 888-249-3027 toll free to speak with an experienced lawyer immediately.

New Haven Debt Collector Harassment Attorneys

The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, brings a wealth of experience to the task of protecting borrowers from collections abuses. We fight creditor harassment on a regular basis. We offer potential clients the opportunity to have immediate consultations with experienced Connecticut creditor harassment attorneys.

Hartford Creditor Harassment Protection Lawyers

Our founding attorney, Neil Crane, has a formidable reputation among Connecticut bankruptcy lawyers. He welcomes clients who are challenged by illegal creditor harassment. Mr. Crane has been featured by the BBC and The New York Times among many other publications in reference to consumer debt issues and foresight regarding debt relief strategies.

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