Connecticut Credit Card Billing Disputes Lawyers

Credit card billing disputes are the top complaints issued to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Credit card companies and banks regularly charge people and businesses late fees, interest and other improper fines and wrongful overcharges for payment mistakes that could have been avoided if better communication were put in place. Don't be bamboozled – know your rights. Contact the experienced Hartford credit card billing disputes lawyers at The Law Offices of Neil Crane.

Credit card issuers regularly bury in small print or withhold information that is vital to consumers wishing to avoid fines. If you have incurred any sort of fine or incorrect charge from a credit issuer, our law firm can help you with effective analysis and aggressive advocacy.

We Handle Creditor Communication And Disputes Effectively

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, we find an abundance of incorrect and egregious charges by card issuers or banks that think the law doesn't apply to them. We can also assist you with instances of credit card fraud, excessive fees and other improper charges.

Since 1983, attorneys have been handling debt issues on behalf of individual consumers and businesses throughout Connecticut. With offices in Hamden, Rocky Hill, Bridgeport, Waterbury and Ridgefield, our local attorneys provide personalized and responsive service. Our attorneys communicate directly with creditors to resolve issues, bring suit and put an end to creditor harassment.

Contact us today at 203-230-2233 or 888-249-3027 toll free to speak with an experienced lawyer immediately. We offer free telephone conversations and free office consultations. We don't use voice mail. You will always speak directly with an attorney.

Don't Pay Credit Card Fees Before Other Debts

Credit card interest rates, fees and excessive charges are overburdening consumers to the extent that they cannot pay their mortgages. Let us analyze your financial situation and help you prioritize your obligations. You could be charged late fees or interest penalties because the credit issuer was not transparent about its processing procedure. The creditor may take advantage of short-cycling, which means sending you a bill too late for timely payment. You could be charged for making an honest payment mistake, and you might not notice it for months, causing more interest penalties and more fees.

Don't get trapped by snowballing fees, and don't try to pay down credit cards instead of making mortgage payments, car payments or other important bills. Pay secured debt first. Credit card debt and other forms of unsecured debt rob you of money needed to feed, clothe, and house you and your family.

We can negotiate down credit card debt for small dividends or none at all on each dollar owed in many cases. Legal protection and representation is critical.

Call Our New Haven Attorneys To Dispute Wrongful Credit Card Charges

Our founding attorney, Neil Crane, is a renowned Connecticut bankruptcy lawyer, and our Connecticut credit card billing disputes attorneys are dedicated to fully protecting your rights. We create legal solutions for individuals and small businesses, facing overwhelming credit card charges.

Our clients facing credit card billing disputes often come to us as referrals from advocacy groups and attorneys. Our peers in the legal profession know and trust our experience and our ability to achieve results in difficult debt relief situations.

We are here to answer your questions and help you find the solutions you seek. Contact us today at 203-230-2233 or 888-249-3027 toll free to speak with an experienced lawyer immediately if you are involved in a credit card billing dispute.

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