Connecticut Consumers Beware

Our Clients Often Say, "I Wish We Had Called You Earlier!"

Things to Watch Out For:

1. Don't trust your future to an out-of-state service, company, firm or web site. Meet us instead of relying on someone who gives advice but isn't available to meet with you in person. There's nothing more personal than your family budget. Every family budget involves unique circumstances. We examine each case individually to create a customized plan just for you.

2. When it comes to advice from nonprofessionals, a little knowledge is dangerous. Lots of people have lots of opinions based on no real experience or too little experience. Every problem is different and every circumstance unique. Advice based on too little experience won't always fit and could be entirely incorrect for you. We are professionals who have been helping people resolve debt and foreclosure problems for 25 years.

3. Be wary of anyone who says, "Don't worry." You should feel free to worry. It's truly scary to be in financial trouble and have your house and family threatened for financial reasons — and some worry may keep you alert.

4. Be wary of people who say "Trust me." You shouldn't trust anyone just because he or she says so. A lot of mortgage and financial problems start with trusting people who don't have your family's best interests at heart. Trust must be earned.

5. Be wary of things that are too good to be true . If it sounds suspicious or too good to be true, it probably isn't true. Things that defy your own sense of logic are often incorrect. If it doesn't seem right or feel right, don't do it. Financial problems can make you feel out of your element. You're in trouble, but you're still smart. You just need proper guidance from someone with the experience gained from decades of solving financial problems just like yours.

6. Don't start something that isn't a complete plan for recovery. You need a plan with an ending that's intelligent, clearly designed and within your capabilities. Many bad endings start with advice that's easy and incorrect. You need a good beginning, middle and end before you take any steps. Look hard before you jump — all good solutions start with a good plan, not just one easy first step. Call us to evaluate your circumstances and design a complete plan for your financial recovery.

7. Don't enroll with anyone who won't put you in touch with prior clients. Check out our testimonials and our rating with the Better Business Bureau. Any company you're going to trust with your finances should have many reliable references available to speak with you about the success the company achieved for them. If you can't speak to people who've had problems like yours solved by this company, don't go forward. Your first chance is your best chance. At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, our past clients are our best references. Our past clients will gladly help your family by telling you just how we helped their families.

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