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With the recent bailout of banks, governmental rescue and support for creditors over hardworking middle class America, creditors and collectors seem to have become further emboldened. They are willing to collect through harassment and illegal practices. Numerous state and federal laws protect you from illegal creditor harassment, but it takes an aggressive and knowledgeable lawyer to enforce them on your behalf.

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State and Federal Laws Enacted for Your Consumer Protection

  • FDCPA: Fair Debt Collections Practice Act
    • This federal law protects the consumer from third-party collection agencies that employ harassing or abusive practices. Under this act, collectors are limited to what they can say, when and to whom they can say it. Collection agencies are not allowed to discuss your debt with anyone else and are not allowed to harass your family, friends or your employer. Collection agencies can be held liable for damages and attorney fees if they violate this law.
  • Telecommunication Act
    • This federal law protects consumers from automated collection calls or "auto-dialers" and limits your creditors' ability to contact you on your cellphone without permission. If you are receiving calls on your cellphone and have not provided your cellphone number to the creditor, it is likely that your creditor is violating the Telecommunication Act. Under this law, you may be awarded up to $500 per call as damages for violation of the Telecommunications Act.
  • FCRA: Fair Credit Reporting Act
    • This federal law protects consumers from unfair credit reporting. Under this law, the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Transunion and Equifax) are required to take affirmative steps to correct all disputes or allegations of misinformation on your credit report. FCRA mandates that the credit bureaus must ensure the accuracy of your account. The bureaus can be held liable for damages and attorney fees if they misrepresent information on your credit report.
  • RESPA: Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act
    • This federal law protects homebuyers from unscrupulous brokers and mortgage companies. Banks must follow the guidelines set out under this federal law with respect to all mortgages and accountings of the debt. It makes for full disclosure of all fees and costs. If improper disclosure and mishandling of the homeowner's debt occur, the homeowner may be awarded damages and attorney fees. Banks may also be held responsible for punitive damages.
  • CUTPA: Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act
    • This statute provides state remedies for individuals who have been the victim of unfair and/or deceptive practices by any company conducting business in the state of Connecticut. Under this state statute, the courts have the authority to hand down both punitive and injunctive relief, along with all reasonable attorneys fees.

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