Connecticut Bankruptcy Repossession

Despite your best efforts, possessions can occur within weeks of missed payments. If you act quickly, we can help you prevent your property from being repossessed and even recover it after repossession.

Knowledgeable assistance and dedicated representation by skilled lawyers is critical to avoiding repossessions or recovering repossessed cars or other property. There is a strict time table that must be followed by both lenders and borrowers in the repossession process, but the time frames are very short. You have rights under state and federal law, but you need to act promptly. You may even be able to get back your repossessed vehicle or other property that has already been seized, but the key is taking immediate action.

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, we are familiar with the intricacies of the repossession law in Connecticut. If you are concerned that your property, car, truck or boat might be repossessed, you need to call us quickly, because we can help you. If you are beginning to fall behind on payments or fail to meet contractual obligations owed on secured financing, don't expect leniency or compassion from your lender. That property could be repossessed, and the lender can declare the entire loan due. They have no obligation to accept past due payments or return your property.

Contact us today to prevent any violations of your rights, save your property and understand all your legal and financial options. In a free initial consultation, we will discuss your specific concerns and your complete financial situation. Our Connecticut attorneys serve clients at offices across the state, including Hamden, Bridgeport, Waterbury, Rocky Hill and Ridgefield.

Connecticut Car Repo Attorneys | Protecting You From Repossession Charges and Deficiencies

In most cases, the lender that has provided you with financing on any item will not give you notice prior to repossessing. Be very careful and seek immediate legal help. The Lender does not need a court order to take your property. You will get notice of the right to redeem your personal property thereafter if you proceed promptly. You need to act quickly to retrieve your property or vehicle and to protect your right to redeem or resolve a repossession.

If your property is repossessed, you will be required to pay the amount due under the contract plus interest, perform contractual obligations and pay the actual and reasonable costs of repossession and storage, even if the loan company does not agree to reinstate your loan.

Repossession Deficiencies

If your vehicle is repossessed, you will be immediately responsible for any deficiency. The deficiency is the difference between the proceeds received upon sale of your auto or boat to a third party, as compared to all the debt, fees, interest and resale costs owed by you. These resale values are often very low since they are usually auction values.

In the average repossession, the deficiency can be prohibitively large, and it is immediately due in full upon receipt. There are no authorized payment terms, the amount due must be paid on demand in full. Consequently, most borrowers are unable to pay. In addition to ultimately losing possession of your vehicle or boat, These deficiencies become judgments, that are collectable in full by attachments, levies, garnishments, and liens against other personal assets and income after the repossession, thus burying you deeper in a quagmire of debt.

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, we understand the nightmare of repossession deficiencies, and we know how to protect you from repossessions and the deficiency after a repossession. With our practiced understanding and knowledge of the Bankruptcy Code, we can prevent and protect you from any type of repossession, including car, truck or boat repossessions, home foreclosure, and any other type of property repossession.

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