The annual number of homes lost to strict foreclosures and foreclosure sales reached a five year record high in Branford with 56 homes lost to foreclosure in 2016. Branford homeowners lost savable homes in record numbers in 2017. This means that homeowners in foreclosure proceedings are failing to obtain solutions in the state foreclosure courts in record numbers despite mandatory foreclosure mediation. For a variety of reasons, the state mediation program is not producing successful home retention for Branford residents in trouble:

  • Mediation without legal representation is a trap for homeowners.
  • Homeowners lack proper education about the true solutions for saving homes from loss to foreclosure.
  • Mediation is too slow and delaying deadlines for homeowners in trouble.

Many experts agree that foreclosure mediation has actually lead to increases in lost homes rather than providing the solutions it was intended to produce. Self-represented homeowners relying on court mediators who have no authority to prevent home loss, have failed in record numbers in Branford in 2016. Homeowners in trouble need prompt and experienced legal assistance that truly represents their interests in all aspects of debt relief and home foreclosure defense. Encouraging homeowners with an obvious need for legal representation to continue without counsel, is the biggest mistake made by mediators throughout the CT foreclosure courts. The number of homes lost in Branford, CT in 2016 is clear proof that Branford homeowners need specialized legal representation and far better options for debt relief and home retention.

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