Danbury has seen a shocking increase in the number of foreclosed homes that have been scheduled for sale. The 2018 year came to a close and the final statistics show that the amount of homes that have been sold through foreclosure has hit its highest over the past five years, caused by a whopping 97% increase. It is critical that Danbury homeowners take advantage of the solutions our team at the Law Offices of Neil Crane provide in order to save their homes.

Our team of specialized foreclosure defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane has been saving homes in Danbury and all across the state for over 35 years. We know that self-representation in the foreclosure court as well as any kind of delay in taking action to defend against losing your home results in failure due to the exacting demands and tight deadlines of the foreclosure process. It is crucial that you meet these demands head on with the knowledge and power of experienced foreclosure defense attorneys on your side.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we provide prompt, proper legal assistance and use all legal means available to save our clients’ homes. In order to save your home, we help build:

  • Chapter 13 repayment plans that stop foreclosure and force banks to reinstate your mortgage
  • Full and comprehensive debt relief plans that eliminate wasteful debt and focus financed resources on home mortgages

In order to save your home or find solutions to other financial problems including overwhelming credit card debt, call our committed, expert team of attorneys at (203) 230-2233 or toll free at 1(888) 249-3027. Set up your absolutely free consultation right away and get the help you need. One call can solve it all.

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