In the fourth quarters of the last five years, Windsor has seen staggering increases in the number of homes lost to foreclosure. While the median home sale price soared by 30%, the number of foreclosed homes headed to auction has increased by a whopping 89% and the number of homes completely lost to foreclosure has upped by 8%. Despite the year-to-year downward trend in general foreclosure numbers, it still remains clear that Windsor homeowners need to take heed of the viable, affordable options that exist right here in Connecticut in order to save their homes.

Homeowners who choose self-representation or postponement in foreclosure defense action will continue to lose their homes. Mediation without representation is a trap that takes savable homes from hardworking Windsor residents. Hartford mediators encourage homeowners facing foreclosure to appear in court without the advantage of proper legal counsel because of how successful they are in saving their homes with the help of qualified representation.

Our team of specialized, experienced foreclosure defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane has been saving homes in Windsor and all across Connecticut for over 35 years. If you are facing foreclosure, we have the solutions for you:

  • Comprehensive debt relief and foreclosure prevention
  • Aggressive and experienced defense and successful mediation
  • Chapter 13 to stop foreclosure and provide repayment plans for mortgages

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