DANBURY, CT New Foreclosures Reach Lowest in 5 Years While Homes Lost hit 2nd Highest in 5 Years

Lost Homes Remain High While New Foreclosures Continue to Decrease

Danbury, CT homeowners experienced another quarter of high rates of foreclosure and slowly declining property values. Danbury’s third quarter was very similar to its second quarter with 36 foreclosures started and 52 homes lost in the 90 day period. In 2015, Danbury lost 50% of the homes that went in to foreclosure, in 2018 Danbury lost 130% of homes that went in to foreclosure. Danbury homes are being lost more than twice the rate of 2015. Almost two homes were lost every three days in Danbury’s third quarter of 2018- the highest rate of lost homes in the past 4 years.

Foreclosure mediators actually discourage homeowners in foreclosure from seeking immediate and qualified legal representation. Homeowners need experienced legal counsel to assure the best possible foreclosure defense and provide homeowners the solutions they need. Every bank has specialized foreclosure attorneys. Mediators don’t work for homeowners, they work for the foreclosure system and they agree with banks in 97% of all modification denials.

Foreclosure mediation with proper legal counsel saves homes. Expert representation is affordable and it can keep families in their homes. Foreclosure mediators who encourage homeowners in Danbury to go without counsel cause lost homes. Delay is deadly in foreclosure. Seek immediate experienced legal assistance to prevent the loss of your home.

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