New foreclosures in Milford, CT fell by more than 22%, and homes lost to foreclosure fell by 20% as compared to the second quarter of 2017. Unfortunately, Milford home values decreased by 1.8% during the 90 day period.

Foreclosure mediation continues to fail homeowners by encouraging self-representation by homeowners. Mediators push you to have no counsel and go it on your own while every bank has attorneys that are specialized in taking your home. Get someone to work for you. Without a lawyer, you will likely lose your home.

Mediators work for the foreclosure system. They are understaffed and undereducated in all forms of debt relief, and they don’t work for you. In fact, mediators side with the bank’s decision to take family homes 97% of the time.

Mediation without representation in the massive Milford foreclosure court is a trap that takes Milford homes that could and should be saved every week.

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