Meriden Foreclosure Numbers are Difficult to Bring Down

Meriden, CT saw its lowest number of new foreclosures in four years with 66 foreclosures initiated, yet the number of lost homes is almost even with 2014 rates with 60 savable homes lost in the 90 day period in the 2nd quarter of 2018. Meriden has affordable homes that are savable with proper foreclosure defense. Despite nearly 10 years of foreclosure mediation, the number of Meriden, CT homes lost to foreclosure has fallen by just over 3% since 2014. Hardworking Meriden homeowners lost two homes to foreclosure every three days. The Meriden foreclosure court is a trap for self-represented home owners. Although Meriden, CT had half of the number of foreclosures as the second quarter of 2014 with 62 homes lost, the number of new foreclosures is at its lowest level but the number of lost homes has fallen by less than 4% in the last 5 years with 60 homes lost in the 90 day period.

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