Middletown foreclosure rates hit 5 year high in Second Quarter 2018

Foreclosure rates in Middletown, CT showed an alarming increase in both newly foreclosures and homes lost to foreclosure. Middletown homeowners saw 71 foreclosures started – an increase of more than 18% in five years. Even more alarming, 25 Middletown homes were lost to foreclosure in the 2nd quarter of 2018 for an increase of 177% over last year’s 2nd quarter where 9 Middletown homes were lost.

The State’s foreclosure mediation program is clearly failing Middletown, CT homeowners.

Despite low interest rates, the only answers and options provided by foreclosure mediation have been entirely inadequate. The foreclosure courts continue to encourage self-representation by borrowers who mistakenly believe that foreclosure mediators will save their family home from bank attorneys who continue to deny mediation requests and roll over unrepresented borrowers and powerless, overworked mediators.

  • Mediation without private legal representation is a trap that loses far too many Middletown homes.
  • Mediators don’t advise homeowners on overall debt relief or the need to obtain experienced foreclosure defense lawyers. Don’t go it alone.

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