Initial 2018 Q2 Foreclosures are Lowest in Five Years, While Homes Lost Second Highest in 5 Years

While newly commenced foreclosures have fallen to their lowest rate in 5 years with 38 Danbury homes in foreclosure, the number of homes lost is at the second highest rate in five years with 51 Danbury, CT homes lost in 90 days. Almost two homes were lost every three days in Danbury’s second quarter of 2018- nearly tied with the highest amount of lost homes in the past 5 years. Danbury is losing homes at more than twice the rate of 2014. In 2014 Danbury lost 60% of homes that went in to foreclosure, while 134% of Danbury homes that went in to foreclosure were lost in 2018.

Danbury foreclosure mediation has become further under-funded with drastic budget cuts as well as staff cuts. Don’t let mediators distract you from saving your home. These overwhelmed and underfunded foreclosure mediators cannot function as your counsel. Successful foreclosure defense requires experienced legal counsel dedicated to you home.

All Danbury homeowners in danger of losing their homes need personalized debt relief and home retention legal expertise. Foreclosure mediation without representation is a trap that loses Danbury homes.

As foreclosure defense attorneys, we know how the system can work to save your home and modify your mortgage. To learn more about legal solutions to save your Danbury home, call the dedicated foreclosure fighters at the Law Offices of Neil Crane today at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027.