Second Quarter Lost Homes Increase

Despite mandatory foreclosure mediation and the potential for successful mortgage solutions in foreclosure, homes lost to foreclosure have reached a five-year high in Branford, CT. The number of lost homes has increased from 10 in the third quarter of 2017 to 19 in the third quarter of 2018- a 90% increase in just one year. Although Branford saw its fifth straight year of new foreclosures decreasing, the number of Branford homes lost to foreclosure was the second highest in 5 years with 19 lost homes in 2018 as compared to 12 lost homes in 2014.

Homeowners need to take advantage of mandatory mediation by seeking specialized legal representation to assure success in the foreclosure mediation process.

Foreclosure mediation provides every Branford homeowner with an opportunity to obtain qualified foreclosure mediation, legal advice and inclusion in the state mediation process.

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