Second Quarter 2018 Bridgeport, CT Foreclosures Soaring

Bridgeport, CT continued with high foreclosure rates in the second quarter of 2018 with 171 foreclosures initiated in the 90 day period. This is almost two new foreclosures per day. While commenced foreclosures were almost 28% lower than the second quarter of 2017,156 savable Bridgeport homes were lost to foreclosure in the second quarter of 2018- an increase of 12% from the 2nd quarter of 2017

171 Bridgeport homes were lost in foreclosure in the second quarter of 2018. While the total number of new foreclosures fell by more than 27% from the previous year’s second quarter, almost two homes were placed in foreclosure every day during the second quarter 2018 in Bridgeport, CT.

This high rate proves that foreclosure mediation continues to fail hardworking Bridgeport homeowners by encouraging self-representation by borrowers who are not qualified to save their own homes. Homeowners who choose not to apply for mediation have increased throughout Connecticut.

The state foreclosure mediation process continues to promote bank interests at the expense of Bridgeport homeowners. Foreclosure mediation is a legal issue that requires legal assistance. Without representation, Bridgeport homeowners will continue to savable lose homes. Get smart. Banks show up with their lawyers, and so should you. The mediation system continues to cause home loss in Bridgeport

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