Bankruptcy and Divorce Attorneys in Connecticut

We help people across Connecticut who are considering filing for bankruptcy before, during and after divorce proceedings. We regularly serve clients who have questions about debt relief and how it impacts their divorce.

Financial problems are one of the leading causes of divorces in the U.S., and financial issues are typically one of the biggest concerns of both parties in a divorce. Court orders and divorce proceedings do not separate or eliminate obligations to pay creditors for joint debt regardless of what a divorce judge decrees. Co-signed and joint obligations can cause long-term problems and serious consequences to both parties long after the divorce is finalized.

  • Are you more concerned about how you will settle or divide debt burdens than assets?
  • Are you worried about protecting your assets or business in divorce or bankruptcy?

We can help you. At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, we help husbands, wives and their attorneys find solutions to the emotionally charged and overwhelming financial issues. We regularly consult with divorce counsel and receive numerous referrals from well-educated divorce attorneys who truly understand that good financial advice is an essential element of all divorce proceedings. The decision to file bankruptcy separately or together before, during or after a divorce has long-term consequences.

Debt Relief During a Divorce Proceeding

During a Divorce, you have the greatest number of choices and options for debt relief. Be certain to seek experienced debt relief attorneys who can provide you with the personalized service and protection you need to regain financial stability and security. Understanding the financial problems of a divorce and the potential solutions while the divorce is still pending assures both spouses of maximizing financial success in their separate future lives.

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How Does Filing for Bankruptcy During a Divorce Help?

Divorce combined with bankruptcy is unfortunately a very common occurrence. Financial problems can stress or break a marriage. All separated or divorced spouses face the additional financial burden caused by the increased monthly costs of separate households.

Many important questions and excellent opportunities are presented when experienced bankruptcy counsel works in concert with smart divorce counsel.

  • Should spouses file separately?
  • Should they file before the divorce?
  • Should they file during the divorce?
  • Should they file after the divorce?

Given the complexities of the new Bankruptcy Code and its means testing income requirements, experienced bankruptcy counsel is essential early in the divorce process.

We are often brought in by separate divorce counsel, joint divorce counsel, divorce mediators or courts to use our expertise to assist separating spouses in ways that will provide long-term financial success. The opportunities and results of advanced debt relief planning can often be amazing. Solid relief permanently addresses financial realities before, during and after the divorce for years to come.

Our lawyers are interested in providing good, cutting-edge legal services. Our assistance allows for smart, creative and compelling results for our clients.

To learn more about divorce proceedings, debt relief and bankruptcy, call the experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane. We can be easily reached at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027. Or simply fill out the online contact form for a prompt response.