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Despite five years or more of governmental help for homeowners and promises of bank modification, the Windsor foreclosure system is experiencing a large increase in home foreclosures. Foreclosures have recommenced to record levels of Windsor foreclosures in the Hartford foreclosure court. These rapidly increasing new Windsor foreclosures join an already overwhelming case load of foreclosures once dormant on the Hartford foreclosure docket.


Proper Mediation Requires Prompt Legal Representation.

Our experienced Windsor CT Foreclosure relief and bankruptcy attorneys create efficient customized financial solutions for long term debt relief. We have been saving homes in Connecticut since 1983. We know exactly what you need to expect from foreclosure courts, foreclosure attorneys and court mediators. We know that financial problems have legal solutions that include:

Mortgage Mediation: Mandatory mediation is available for all Windsor homeowners in foreclosure. With proper assistance, mortgage mediation can resolve back mortgage balances and decrease monthly mortgage payments. Successful mediation requires well-prepared plans for repayment and solid legal representation in Court.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: This process immediately stops the foreclosure of your home to allow for the elimination of other types of debt that otherwise serve to reduce your ability to pay your mortgage on time. This form of debt relief is necessary to obtain a modification that will be affordable on a long-term basis. Our attorneys know how to produce Chapter 7 debt relief for even "higher income" Windsor families.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: This solution immediately halts all foreclosure actions while reducing or eliminating all other forms of debt including credit cards, liens and tax debts. Chapter 13 allows homeowners to become current on their mortgage over an affordable three-to-five year Plan. Chapter 13 can also allow for the removal of second mortgage encumbrances, junior encumbrances, tax liens and the removal of other liens.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, our Windsor attorneys know how to utilize all legal means available to save your home. Our experienced attorneys take the effort to create customized financial solutions promptly, despite the constant delay of banks and false government promises for help to Windsor homeowners.

Windsor Foreclosure Rates and Mediation

There have been over 1,000 foreclosures in Windsor since 2007. These foreclosures have continued at unreasonably high rates, despite over five years of promises from governmental programs and banks to modify mortgages for Windsor homeowners needing help with overwhelming monthly mortgage payments. Connecticut’s Mandatory Mediation Program has also had too little success as well over 75% of all homes in foreclosure in Windsor are mediation-required single family homes and condominiums.

Unfortunately, the latter half of 2012 has seen the high foreclosure rates of 2011 continue right through into the new year. The key to successful foreclosure defense and debt relief is the prompt involvement of an experienced counsel like the bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Offices of Neil Crane who have provided legal solutions to financial problems since 1983.

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Windsor Foreclosure Rates and Declining Real Estate Values

As foreclosure rates in Windsor for 2012 continue at 2007’s high levels, the number of real estate sales in Windsor has decreased each and every year from a high of 527 in 2007 to a low of 278 in 2011 for an overall decrease in sales of approximately 250, or over 45%. The average cost of a Windsor home has decreased from $235,000 in 2007 to $188,100 for a difference of negative $46,900 or almost 25% with a further decrease in the latter half of 2012. The average price of a single family home in Windsor decreased nearly 15% or $30,000 between 2010 and 2011 alone, with the trend continuing into 2012 and the new year.

Windsor Bankruptcy Courts and State Court Foreclosure

Bankruptcy Courts

If you live in Windsor and you need bankruptcy assistance, your case would be filed in the Hartford District of Federal Court, and your First Meeting of Creditors would be held in Hartford at 450 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06106 (Chapter 7 cases) and Hartford at 450 Main Street, Hartford, CT, 06106 (Chapter 13 cases).

Foreclosure Courts

If you live in Windsor and have a lawsuit pending against you or a foreclosure on your Windsor property, you would appear in the Hartford court system located at 90 Washington Street, Hartford, CT.

Town Clerk: Agnes Pier
275 Broad Street, Windsor, CT 06095 Phone: 860-285-1902

Windsor Estate Market Statistics Through December 2016:

  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 5 Year Change
No. of Sales 310 335 328 401 466 (+50%)
Median Price 182.4k+ 190k 189.9k+ 189.9k 189.9K (-4.1%)
Foreclosures 132 192 142 79 130 (-1.5%)

Windsor Lost Homes due to Foreclosure Statistics through December 2016:

  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 5 Year Change
Homes Lost
(Forecl. Sale)
32 27 26 34 23 (-25.8%)
Homes Lost
(Strict Forecl.)
31 54 59 42 23 (-28.1%)

Comprehensive Solutions for Windsor Residents at the Bankruptcy Law Offices Of Neil Crane Since 1983.

The increase in Windsor foreclosure rates shows that slow banks and unconcerned government agencies aren’t solving the problems of hardworking Windsor residents. Instead, these families need prompt and experienced legal solutions to financial problems. Our dedicated debt relief attorneys know how to utilize all legal options available for permanent debt relief and long-term homeownership.

Windsor Bankruptcy and Mortgage Relief Attorneys

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