Why Choose Us for Mortgage Solutions?

Our Office, Our Knowledge and Our Commitment

All of us at The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, have focused considerable legal knowledge and other resources in response to the growing need for foreclosure prevention assistance. We know that the surest path to providing the greatest relief to the greatest number of homeowners is the hard work to be done by our experienced team of committed professionals. Our lawyers and experienced professionals have spent their careers protecting the rights of people in debt.

We are committed to creating solutions for people overwhelmed by mortgage payments. This can only be done by working closely with you while providing you with the knowledge, teamwork and support you need throughout the mortgage loan modification process.

Connecticut People Working for Connecticut People

We have maintained a strong commitment to hardworking local communities since 1983. While other companies may solicit throughout the country, including Connecticut, they are not located in Connecticut and have no commitment to our state's residents. Our commitment to local communities serves our clients well, whether they are pursuing an interest rate reduction, principal reduction, or a term extension. Meet with an experienced attorney for free, face to face, so you can truly get to know the experienced and reputable professionals who will be helping you end your mortgage problems.

Successful Mortgage Modification Is Hard Work. We Focus on Organized and Detailed Presentations That Lenders Respect.

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, we take the time and make the effort to collect information about your financial history and organize it into a format that banks truly recognize. We place great emphasis on attention to detail — providing clear and concise financial information. Banks respond to our attention to detail and comprehensive modification applications.

This attention to detail extends to our legal and financial research as well. The laws governing mortgage modifications are new and constantly changing. We keep current with all the changes by reviewing government information, government programs, private initiatives, and changing legal procedures around the country. We also communicate with an extensive network of banks, nonprofit organizations, courts and legislators.

The best way for you to learn about your mortgage modification options is to speak with an attorney today. Contact us at The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, by calling 203-230-2233 or contact us online.

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