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Many Waterbury residents face an overwhelming variety of all types of financial problems that can best be solved through the proper creation and filing of a Chapter 13 Plan of Reorganization. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is the leading method for handling mortgage problems while addressing all of the other financial issues that often exist as individuals and families slip into the full abyss of financial difficulties. Chapter 13 is a federal law created by the Congress to address the problems of individuals and families seeking to restructure all their financial issues and create a path for overall financial recovery. It stops all collection actions of any kind in favor of a global plan created by experienced and qualified Chapter 13 legal counsel.


Chapter 13 is the most comprehensive form of federal court protection and empowerment for individuals and families seeking solutions to a full array of pressing financial problems.

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Chapter 13 Covers All Types of Debt


One of the greatest advantages of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the ability to address any and all forms of debt without exception. Chapter 13 can eliminate, reduce or restructure any type of debt, including:

  • Foreclosure problems
  • Eliminating or reducing unsecured debt
  • Eliminating or reducing tax debt
  • Restructuring mortgages
  • Elimination or reduction of undersecured debt
  • Restructuring real estate taxes

A Chapter Bankruptcy 13 Plan is a court order outlining the classification, treatment and priority of all forms of debt with a detailed description for the elimination, reduction or restructuring of each type of applicable obligation. Payments are formulated to the penny in accordance with your specific monthly income and expenses.

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