Wallingford Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

For many Wallingford residents struggling with depressed real estate values and monthly mortgage payments or high interest credit card debts, financial problems can begin to feel unmanageable and overwhelming. In an era of failed government promises and bank bailouts and help for everyone but the hard working middle class, solving things on your own without the help of a qualified professional can often seem impossible. At the Bankruptcy Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve solved the problems of hundreds of hardworking Wallingford residents since 1983.


While the new Bankruptcy Code is more complicated, our experienced and educated attorneys fully understand all of the nuances and details necessary to provide the fullest possible relief available under the new law. The key to complete debt relief under Chapter 7 is good lawyering, hard work and a full working knowledge of the new “means testing” requirements for Chapter 7 eligibility. It takes work but your financial future is always worth the effort.

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Complete Chapter 7 Debt Relief in Wallingford, CT at the Law Offices of Neil Crane

Chapter 7 eligibility can provide complete debt relief. It also immediately stops available, stopping all forms of creditor collections through the granting of an automatic stay. Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides full relief from:

  • High interest credit card bills
  • Pending lawsuits on existing attachments
  • Personal or payday loans
  • Medical debts of all types
  • Mortgage deficiencies and judgments
  • Older state and federal income taxes
  • Older personal property taxes

By eliminating these forms of personal debt, Chapter 7 stops the cycle of old debt and allows your limited financial resources to be protected for more important household obligations and basic living costs.

Obtaining Full Debt Relief Eligibility and Means Testing Under Chapter 7

The new Bankruptcy Code is more complicated, but our dedication, knowledge and vast experience allows us to make all avenues for debt relief available for you under the new law. The key to complete Chapter 7 debt relief under the new law is an expert attorney with full knowledge of all of the rules and regulations of means testing – It takes work, but the results are worth it.

Means testing is a complicated process that compares “allowable expenses” and “monthly income” to allow full debt relief for higher income individuals and families. Give the high cost of housing and general living costs in the Wallingford area, means testing expertise is a critical component to full debt relief under Chapter 7.

As the leading provider of bankruptcy relief in New Haven County, we have the legal experience necessary to specialize in all the detailed laws defining “household income” and “allowable expenses” necessary to pass the “means testing” requirements of the new bankruptcy law.

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