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Getting Harassed? Getting Sued? Get a Lawyer!

As people with debt problems try to handle matters on their own for as long as possible, law suits and small claims actions can be brought against them by lawyers and law firms schooled in initiating and winning court cases against you,. You need to get specialized legal counsel to work on your behalf as early as possible. We can assure that you avoid or contain lawsuits, limit extra costs and have someone on your side to help you settle your overwhelming debt.

Our involvement immediately levels the playing field. Don't be afraid to make the call and learn how you can assert your legal rights. Creditors have highly trained attorneys that specialize in fast suits and quick legal actions. Get a specialist to fight for you!

Customized Debt Settlement Programs in Vernon, CT

At the Vernon debt settlement Law Offices of Neil Crane, our emphasis is on analysis, preparation and customization. We offer you the opportunity to sit down with our team one-on-one to examine the ins and outs of your finances and formulate a perfect plan that suits your individual situation. We emphasize customization because:

  • There are all types of debts
  • Debts need prioritization
  • Everyone's budget is different
  • Every household has its own unique income and expenses
  • Some households have seasonal or fluctuating pay
  • Some are experiencing temporary job loss

Our in-depth, careful analysis and customization ensures your success and debt-free future.

Sometimes Bankruptcy is the Necessary Best Option

While few people relish the thought of filing bankruptcy, we know that with our involvement and reputation, just the threat of bankruptcy is real to creditors. It means that there can be no recovery, and creditors work on a percentage of recovery. The debt relief lawyers at the Law Offices of Neil Crane understand the powers and protections of bankruptcy and when to employ them on your behalf. Bankruptcy options include:

Bear in mind as you shudder at the thought, that creditors have a very keen interest in keeping you out of bankruptcy. Often the thought of it is enough to encourage them to negotiate to avoid coming up empty handed.

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