Unrepresented Foreclosure Mediation

Foreclosure mediation is mandatory in all foreclosures of owner-occupied homes in Connecticut upon the proper filing of a request for mediation within 15 days of the foreclosure return date. A properly filed application is an absolute necessity for any homeowner that does not wish to be evicted from their home through a shortened mortgage foreclosure process that works only to the benefit of the banks and their attorneys.

Foreclosure Mediation is a Borrower’s Right Upon Proper Application - Don’t ever miss it! Obtain a Foreclosure Relief Attorney to Fight for You.

Everybody should participate in foreclosure mediation in every foreclosure in Connecticut. Successful mediation is your only chance to save your home once you’re in foreclosure. Other than properly successful mediation, the rest of the foreclosure process is a steady path to home loss and deficiency judgments. Unfortunately, thousands of homeowners fail at mediation because they try to go it on their own. This is a huge mistake.

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Foreclosure Mediation Attorney; Saves Homes

The foreclosure system scares homeowners, causing them to freeze up or go it on their own. In fact, the system often encourages self-representation, and many unknowing homeowners fail to obtain the counsel and experience necessary to save their homes. Mediators and court officials are wrongly encouraging homeowners to fight their banks for modifications without the benefit of any legal representation. Banks have attorneys hired to take your home as promptly as possible. Mediators are paid by the foreclosure courts. Who represents you and your family?

Attempting foreclosure mediation without the benefit of experienced legal counsel is the biggest mistake made by homeowners in foreclosure.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane we’ve had tremendous real success in saving homes through foreclosure mediation. While the process is often laborious and somewhat slow, our office has successfully negotiated mortgage rate reductions, principal reduction and home retention solutions through the Connecticut foreclosure court system.

Specialized Mortgage Mediation Attorneys

Saving Homes has been our Business Since 1983. We've saved thousands of homes throughout Connecticut and we’ve never had a higher mediation success rate than we have right now.

Mediation works if you know how to work it by maximizing all the elements of success and avoiding the numerous pitfalls that cause unrepresented borrowers to lose their homes.

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