Unfiled and Delinquent Tax Return Attorneys in Connecticut

You are required to file taxes every year, unless you make a certain minimal amount of income, which amount changes every year. If you fail to file a tax return, you could be charged penalties, fees and interest. Then, the IRS or Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) can enforce payment by foreclosing on your home, seizing your assets, placing a lien on your property or garnishing your wages.


Do not take filing taxes lightly. The first step to relief is to resolve any unfiled and delinquent tax return issues as soon as possible. By working with an experienced attorney, you can take advantage of any defenses available to you for failing to file and you can ensure that your rights are protected at every stage.

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, in Connecticut, we can guide you through the process of resolving your delinquent tax debts. Since 1983, we have assisted clients throughout Connecticut with tax and debt issues. With offices in Hamden, Bridgeport, Ridgefield, Waterbury and Rocky Hill, we can provide you with the local service and personal attention you need.

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Filing Is Your First Step to Relief

When you are late paying your taxes, the first step is to file all delinquent tax forms. Before the IRS or DRS will work with you to find a resolution to your tax debt issues, you must be current on all tax filings. The longer you wait to file, the more penalties, fees and interest you may be required to pay.

Additionally, if you fail to file, the IRS or DRS may compute your taxes for you. When this happens, you can lose out on important deductions and credits. It is important that you complete your taxes yourself or work with a trusted tax professional who can ensure that you are paying only the amount you owe in taxes under the law.

Once you have filed your taxes, we can help you take steps to resolve any delinquent tax concerns. If you need additional time to pay off your tax debt, you may be able to secure an installment agreement so you can pay off your debt on a monthly basis. If the amount you owe is something you are simply unable to pay in a reasonable amount of time, you can submit an offer in compromise to pay a lesser amount. Finally, if your failure to file was in good faith, you may be able to avoid paying penalties.

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