Trumbull, CT Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

With the continuing recession and failed promises of government mortgage relief, many Trumbull residents still struggle with the high cost of living in Fairfield County. As living expenses continue to rise, many households face overwhelming monthly debt payments. The cost of this monthly debt service often threatens more essential expenses resulting in a cycle of debt that seems impossible to resolve. Fortunately, there are various proven legal alternatives for individuals and families unable to solve their debt crisis without professional help. A properly prepared Chapter 7 provides for the elimination of all forms of general unsecured debt while protecting personal assets.



The "means testing" rules of the new Bankruptcy Code demand that all individuals and families in trouble need to seek the best legal counsel possible. Our experienced Chapter 7 attorneys know how to use all the intricacies of the new means testing laws to provide you a full and complete relief from unsecured debt even under the restrictions of the new means testing requirements.

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Prompt Legal Action, Preparation and the Automatic Stay of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

At the Trumbull, CT Law Offices of Neil Crane, prompt and responsive legal representation is the first critical step to preserving assets and assuring a timely and successful outcome in all our Chapter 7 proceedings. In our office, we fully draft and prepare all of our cases within the first week. We handle all phone calls immediately and directly upon our involvement. After the proper preparation, the filing of a Chapter 7 petition creates an immediate stop or automatic stay on all collection actions, including the prevention of:

  • Pending Lawsuits
  • Existing Liens, Levies, Garnishments or Attachments
  • Foreclosure Actions in any Court
  • Tax Levies, Seizures or Attachments
  • Telephone Harassment or direct contact
  • Other Collection Actions of any kind

By eliminating high interest debt, Chapter 7 breaks the bonds of old debt and allows your financial resources to be dedicated to more important household obligations and the high living costs found in Fairfield County.

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Obtaining Full Relief Through Experienced Chapter 7 Means Testing

The new Bankruptcy Code provides standardized median income numbers for each family size under which numbers full Chapter 7 relief is available. Additionally, Chapter 7 allows further protection under the new "means testing" guidelines for higher income individuals and families that our attorneys can qualify for Chapter 7 eligibility.

Means Testing is a complicated comparison of "household income" vs. "allowable expenses" calculated over the trailing six months. Means testing utilizes standard amounts for "allowable deductions" on certain expenses with overrides for "actual deductions" on special types of monthly expenses, like mortgage payments, car payments, support obligations and other more important household expenses.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, the 30 year focus of our legal practice has always been preparation, predictability and recovery. Our commitment to knowledge and hard work has done the rest, making us the largest provider of Chapter 7 relief in New Haven and Fairfield Counties.

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