Tax Installment Solutions in Bridgeport, CT

Delinquent State and Federal income taxes can often be resolved through a payment schedule that allows for monthly periodic installments on overdue income taxes. While there are various requirements to qualifying for these monthly arrangements, properly qualified taxpayers can often resolve State and Federal income tax problems through approval by revenue officers or in some cases, automatically and even "online."

Properly qualifying for and choosing the right option for your income tax solutions deserves the invaluable assistance of the dedicated and experienced legal professionals at the Law Offices of Neil Crane. We've been solving tax problems throughout Fairfield County from our Bridgeport office for over three decades.

Guaranteed Installment Agreements
For taxpayers capable of repaying their tax debt in full over time, an Installment Agreement is available as long as the taxpayer:

  1. Has filed all tax returns to date with no return left unfiled;
  2. Continues to timely file and pay all future tax returns;
  3. Has not been in an Installment Agreement in any of the previous five tax years

This type of installment plan stops all liens, levies or garnishments, although future refunds will be applied against the outstanding tax obligation until paid in full. To see if you qualify for a guaranteed Installment Agreement, call us today at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027.

Non-Streamlined Installment Agreements:

For those taxpayers that don't qualify for a streamlined or guaranteed Installment Agreement, the IRS and the State of Connecticut allow for a negotiated repayment over time. This process can be available to taxpayers with delinquent State or Federal income taxes that can't repay in the time allowed or have tax debts which exceed the allowable amounts. This procedure requires negotiated terms with the IRS or State of Connecticut based upon personal assets, liabilities, income and expenses.

Properly prepared and well-documented Installment Agreements provide affordable solutions for overdue income taxpayers willing to take the time and seek the experience of a qualified tax and legal representative.

To learn more about installment agreements and other solutions to your daunting tax problems, call the dedicated, experienced Bridgeport tax solutions attorneys today at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027 to speak with us personally and discuss your options. We offer a free consultation and are happy to speak with you directly.