Stratford Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

High interest unsecured debt and credit card bills are the worst form of debt possible. They serve no useful function, rob your budget of needed resources and never seem to go down. While unsecured debt can build quickly, it is often impossible to repay or reduce. Credit card debt will slowly tap your income and quickly lead to problems in meeting more important obligations like rent, home payments, utilities, car expenses and food. If your unsecured obligations are becoming overwhelming, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate unsecured debt, preserve your assets and protect all future income.


While Chapter 7 has become a somewhat more complicated process, success is fully attainable with the assistance of knowledgeable and experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy counsel.

If you’re having trouble making monthly payments or even falling behind or facing lawsuits or other collection activities, call the experienced Stratford, CT Chapter 7 attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.

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Prompt Legal Action and the Automatic Stay of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we understand that prompt and responsive legal representation is the first critical step to preserving assets and assuring a successful outcome in all Chapter 7 cases. In our office, we fully draft and prepare all of our cases within one week of our involvement and take all of your phone calls immediately and directly. After completion, the proper preparation and filing of a Chapter 7 petition creates an immediate stop or automatic stay on all creditor actions of any kind, including the prevention of:

  • Lawsuits
  • Liens, Levies, Garnishments or Attachments
  • Foreclosure Actions
  • Tax Levies or Seizures
  • Telephone Harassment
  • Other Collection Actions

The automatic stay assures the immediate cessation of all pending legal actions and the prevention of any new or further legal proceedings while protecting your assets and preserving your right to a financial fresh start.

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Full Debt Relief Under Chapter 7 at the Law Offices of Neil Crane

Chapter 7 covers a wide and comprehensive range of all types of debt allowing for the full discharge or elimination of various types of obligations, including:

  • Credit card relief
  • Lawsuit relief
  • Medical debt relief
  • Personal loan relief
  • Relief from Judgments, foreclosure deficiencies
  • Relief from auto repossession
  • Relief from older income taxes
  • Relief from older personal property taxes

By eliminating these forms of personal debt, Chapter 7 breaks the bonds of old debt and allows your financial resources to be protected and dedicated to more important household obligations like mortgage, rent, and auto payments.

To learn more about full debt relief under Chapter 7, call our experienced Chapter 7 attorneys at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027, or contact us online by filling out our Contact Form.