Solving State and Federal Tax Problems in Stamford

Regardless of the type, amount or nature of your tax obligations, bankruptcy law “trumps” IRS law and jurisdiction to provide powerful protections and a convenient court forum for the resolution of all types of individual and small business tax problems. Local, state and federal taxes can all be eliminated or repaid in accordance with controlling bankruptcy provisions. Using the Bankruptcy Code to solve tax problems is a powerful tool for taxpayer protection when handled by specialized bankruptcy tax attorneys. At the Fairfield County Law Offices of Neil Crane, we have a complete working knowledge of all the provisions and nuances controlling bankruptcy tax dischargeability and restructuring.


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Tax Relief Under Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

All chapters of bankruptcy contain strong and powerful provisions for the treatment of all forms of tax debt:

Chapter 7 Tax Treatment is generally utilized to eliminate state and federal income tax debt over 3 years old. It also eliminates personal property taxes over one year old. Properly qualified income taxes and personal property taxes are discharged or eliminated under Chapter 7.

Chapter 13 Tax Treatment: The dischargeability of Chapter 7 still applies along with additional provisions of the repayment of newer income taxes as well as the repayment of any form of tax including trust fund taxes under a three-to-five year Chapter 13 plan.

Chapter 11 Tax Treatment: This chapter is normally utilized for larger personal tax cases or business tax cases. It allows for dischargeability of older taxes in personal Chapter 11 cases and repayment of non-dischargeable taxes in all personal or business Chapter 11 proceedings.

Our complete understanding of all three chapters of bankruptcy will provide you with the full range of solutions available for handling the discharge or repayment of all types of business and personal tax obligations.

Bankruptcy Tax Lien Removal and the Automatic Stay

Bankruptcy allows for the removal of liens already placed on property and provides an automatic stay against all future collection actions. A properly filed bankruptcy case can remove liens against:

  • Personal Property
  • Garnishments of Wages
  • Bank Accounts
  • Real Estate Liens
  • Business Assets
  • And Other Levies and Seizures

The proper filing of a bankruptcy petition also stops all future collection actions immediately through the creation of an automatic stay that stops:

  • All Collection Efforts
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Asset Seizures
  • Liens
  • Foreclosures
  • Levies

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