Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Stamford

Chapter 13 offers the most comprehensive and powerful debt relief for individuals and families in Fairfield County seeking to protect their homes from foreclosure and eliminate or reduce all other forms of debt. It covers all types of debts in any stage of collection, including garnishments, foreclosure actions and tax liens or levies. Chapter 13 creates a three-to-five year plan of reorganization based on any source of income with payments customized and determined by your particular budget.


Proper utilization of the full powers of Chapter 13 requires a complete working knowledge of the laws, detail and nuances of all aspects of Chapter 13 practice.; At the Law Offices of Neil crane, we’ve been one of the largest providers of Chapter 13 relief in Stamford, CT and Fairfield County since 1983.

A properly crafted Chapter 13 Plan can eliminate, reduce or restructure any form of debt in any stage of collection into a program for repayment of your most important bills based on your income over a three-to-five year period.

Stopping Foreclosure Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The filing of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides an automatic stay against further actions in the state foreclosure court, and takes overriding control of the process to allow for the repayment of missed monthly instalments and through a plan of reorganization created by specialized Chapter 13 legal counsel based upon your particular monthly budget. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy replaces the foreclosure action controlled by bank attorneys into the bankruptcy court with a repayment program created by your counsel under a whole new set of bankruptcy laws for your protection.

Priority Debts in a Properly Crafted Chapter 13 Plan

Most individuals and families face a myriad of debt pressures on their monthly budget that can often get overwhelming from a number of different sides. Chapter 13 allows for the proper utilization of limited family income to be used for priority debts and not for less important financial obligations in accordance with the needs of your budget and your financial goals.

By legally refocusing income to your most important needs like daily costs and housing, other lower priority payments like old bills, credit cards, collections and even lawsuits or second mortgages are reduced or even eliminated or discharged. Eliminating lower forms of debt in favor of higher priority obligations is essential element of all financial recoveries and its strongest measures appear under Chapter 13 prioritization rules.

WHY US: Chapter 13 Attorneys in Connecticut Courts for Over 30 Years

Given the full range of the laws for individuals and families, protection under Chapter 13, your choice of counsel is never more important. You need a specialized Fairfield County Chapter 13 attorney with the knowledge and experience to utilize all laws and even the latest nuances to provide you with the best opportunity to make your Chapter 13 recovery a reality.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we have a 30 year history of Chapter 13 success in all three Chapter 13 courts year after year, giving us full knowledge of the latest laws, nuances and practices that create long-term financial success for your future.

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