Eliminating or Discharging State and Federal Taxes in Southington

As one of the leading tax and bankruptcy relief law offices in the Southington area, we use our years of successful debt relief practice to provide the fullest range of bankruptcy tax dischargeability and tax relief to our Southington clients. While we understand and practice all forms of non-bankruptcy tax relief, we also know that in numerous circumstances, bankruptcy relief can be a panacea for all forms of tax relief. In the hands of experienced tax relief attorneys, tax problems are uniquely solvable. It takes work, but it’s worth it and it’s never too late.


The ability to immediately stop collection actions and eliminate or restructure all forms of local, state and federal taxes is a powerful tool for taxpayer protection found only under the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code.

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Bankruptcy Eliminates or Restructures All Types of Local, State and Federal Taxes

Bankruptcy law provides alternatives and protections for all types of taxes in any stage of collection. The automatic stay stops all collection actions by federal, state or local taxing authorities, including liens or levies while providing the full range of comprehensive tax coverage:

Taxes On Personal Property like automobile taxes, or taxes on business equipment can be eliminated and discharged if they are over a year old.

State and Federal Income Taxes can be permanently eliminated if they are over three years from the due date, have been filed for at least two years and had no assessment within 270 days of a bankruptcy petition under Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13.

Trust Fund Liability for State or Federal Taxes can be paid under Chapter 13 with reduced interest on favorable terms within a three-to-five year Chapter 13 plan.

Taxes on Real Estate can be repaid in a Chapter 13 Plan.

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Automatic Stay on Tax Collection Actions

The proper filing of a bankruptcy petition under any chapter of bankruptcy stops all future collection actions immediately:

  • Stops All Direct Collection Efforts
  • Ends Wage Garnishments
  • Prevents Asset Seizures
  • Prevents or removes Liens
  • Stops Foreclosures
  • Terminates Levies

The ability to fully eliminate or discharge taxes in bankruptcy is an incredibly powerful tool for relief from older income tax debt. This type of extraordinary relief deserves and requires the full knowledge and commitment of an experienced, specialized bankruptcy tax relief attorney.

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