Benefits of Chapter 13 in Southington

Many people embroiled in financial difficulties and foreclosure battle with a varied number of other serious financial concerns. Without specialized professional assistance, a variety of debts can create a seemingly unsolvable financial disaster. Fortunately, mortgage problems and other debt problems can all be encompassed and resolved within the broad range of Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief. Chapter 13 protects homeowners and other individuals through a balanced and coordinated program for debt elimination, reduction or repayment.


Chapter 13 is the primary means for saving homes from late mortgage payments or foreclosure. Chapter 13 stops all foreclosures in any stage of the foreclosure process. Chapter 13 allows for repayment of any mortgage arrearage over a three-to-five year Plan of Reorganization, and can also eliminate or resolve all other forms of individual or family debt obligations, including credit card debt or taxes.

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The Chapter 13 Automatic Stay Halts All Further Debt Collection Actions

One of many benefits to filing for Chapter 13 is the immediate stop of all creditor calls, collection actions, lawsuits or real estate foreclosures through the creation of an automatic stay. Chapter 13 allows for the elimination, reduction or restructuring of all forms of debt, including:

Secured Obligations: This includes mortgages and real estate obligations which are paid through the Chapter 13 in order to permanently save homes from foreclosure. Home payments are highest priority debts and are repaid first before other less important debts in order to assure long-term home ownership.

State and Federal Income Tax Obligations: In Chapter 13, as in Chapter 7, older state and federal income taxes are subject to elimination or discharge in full. More recent tax years can be repaid without future penalties or charges over a three-to-five year period on favorable terms.

Credit Card Elimination: As unsecured general and unproductive claims, credit card claims are always subject to full elimination or reduction.

Successfully Removing Second Mortgages in Chapter 13

Chapter 13 allows for the removal of secured liens, (other than residential first mortgages), if there is no equity available as collateral for those liens or obligations. Under-secured or “underwater” mortgages or liens can be removed from your home through the “lien stripping” process of Section 506 under Chapter 13.

The full range of Chapter 13 protections assures that individuals and families in trouble can resolve all types of debts in any stage of collection. Properly prepared Chapter 13 relief provides the strong and comprehensive debt relief that ensures long-term home ownership and permanent financial success.

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Fully Customized Chapter 13 Plans at The Law Offices of Neil Crane

Every household budget is a unique blend of monthly income and monthly expenses - No two budgets are exactly the same. Often, no two months are the same. Solid Chapter 13 Plans of Reorganization are strictly founded on your individual circumstances. True success requires a Chapter 13 plan customized to your budget. Over 30 years of Chapter 13 experience allows us to properly present each individual Chapter 13 case customized for your maximum protection.

Chapter 13 Prioritizes Debts in order of importance. This assures that limited financial resources are directed to important bills before any monthly income is lost to less essential obligations. In Chapter 13, mortgage debt is paid above all other forms of debt, by eliminating or reducing credit cards and other forms of unimportant high interest debt.

Our Chapter 13 success is based our years of hard work and Chapter 13 experience. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve been one of the leading providers of Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief for over 30 years.

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