Solving Tax Lien Problems in Stamford, CT

Federal and State tax collectors often seek to change overdue tax debts from an unsecured claim to a secured claim by attaching or liening taxpayer assets as collateral for further collection efforts. These government revenue officers have statutory authority to attach assets of all types, wherever located. The best methods for avoiding liens or stopping liens are:


  • Negotiated settlements
  • Installment Agreements
  • Currently Non-Collectible Status
  • Offer-in-Compromise Submissions
  • Bankruptcy Relief

Choosing appropriately from legal lien avoidance options requires a careful analysis of your specific tax problem and the experience to understand which option will succeed for your particular tax levy problem.

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While revenue officers have the ability to lien and seize all types of taxpayer assets, the most common liens and seizures involve the following assets:

Bank Accounts: Any account that bears the taxpayer's Social Security number or Tax ID number can be levied and seized without further notice or Court Order. Be careful - This includes all jointly held bank accounts wherever located.

Wage Executions: Wages due from employers to delinquent taxpayers can be garnished by notice to the employer without court approval. Garnishments have statutory limitations and are subject to proper application for reduction.

Residential Homes: Your family home is subject to liens for delinquent State or Federal taxes, even if it's jointly owned with your spouse or any non-taxpayer. Commercial or investment real estate is also subject to attachment.

Business Assets: Accounts receivable, equipment and other business assets are accessible to tax liens and seizures for personal or business tax obligations.


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