Preventing Tax Liens and Tax Seizures in Danbury, CT

Tax liens, levies, seizures, garnishments and other extraordinary tax enforcement procedures can make a difficult tax problem seem unsolvable. Yet, despite the existence or threat of tax lien enforcement, tax problems in any stage of collection are extremely solvable with the assistance of qualified and experienced tax relief professionals.

With proper counsel and the presentation of other acceptable options, tax liens can be resolved without the loss of taxpayer assets.

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All local State and Federal taxing authorities are granted the right to enforce their claim through the attachment or seizure of taxpayer assets wherever located. Revenue enforcement officers can proceed against a variety of property rights.

Real Estate Liens: Real property owned by an overdue taxpayer can be liened by the recording of a lien notice on the local town records without court or judicial action.

Bank Accounts: Belonging to the taxpayer can be levied and seized by notice to any financial institution without Court approval.

Garnishments: Money or property due to the overdue taxpayer can be levied in the hands of third parties and seized toward the payment of outstanding Federal or State taxes.

Wage Executions: This is a form of garnishment which requires employers to make payment to State or Federal taxes from the wages of delinquent employees.


Taxpayers faced with tax liens in all stages of collection or enforcement have various options for preventing or reducing lien enforcement on any taxpayer assets; including:

  • Negotiated Tax Settlements
  • Tax Installment Agreements
  • Tax Lien, Levy or Garnishment Reduction
  • Chapter 7, 11 or 13 Bankruptcy Relief

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