Benefits of Chapter 13 in Norwalk

Chapter 13 is a federal court procedure that empowers individuals to alter the terms of their debt obligations without the vote or consent of those adjusted or newly impaired creditors. This includes all forms of unsecured debt and secured debt like home mortgages. In the hands of experienced and specialized legal counsel, Chapter 13 is the most powerful form of consumer bankruptcy relief.


Chapter 13 Stops Foreclosure Actions and Saves Homes

Foreclosures are state court legal actions brought by banks and factory foreclosure legal offices for the repossession of your home. Norwalk Homeowners who do not pay up their bank payments in full suffer the loss of their home and the threat of a deficiency judgment which is a bill for the amount of money not recovered by the bank through the foreclosure process.

Chapter 13 is the leading method for homeowners to stop the state court foreclosure and save their home through a plan for repayment. Chapter 13 puts an automatic stay on the foreclosure action by removing it from the lower state court and placing it in the higher jurisdiction of the federal court immediately upon the Chapter 13 filing. The Chapter 13 court essentially “trumps” the state court action and takes jurisdiction over the bank’s effort to take your home while providing a three-to-five year time period to fix any defaulted mortgage.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve been utilizing the powers of Chapter 13 jurisdiction to save Norwalk homes since 1983. We are the largest provider of Chapter 13 home retention and debt relief in the State of Connecticut.

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Chapter 13 Credit Card Elimination, Tax Discharge and Repayment Plans

The ability to encompass and alter all forms of debt is one of the primary and powerful reasons Chapter 13 is the best chapter of bankruptcy for individuals and families in financial trouble. The full range and scope of Chapter 13 allows debt elimination, reduction or repayment covering all types of debt. Our Norwalk Chapter 13 attorneys can assess your financial situation and employ the Chapter 13 system to:

  • Protect all personal and business assets
  • Save your home from foreclosure
  • Provide relief from all types of tax debt
  • Automatically stop all collector and creditor actions or lawsuits
  • Remove second mortgages, liens and attachments.

It’s Never Too Late for Chapter 13 Protection

The filing of a Chapter 13 at any time in the lawsuit or foreclosure process stops any further action through the imposition of the automatic stay. The filing of a Chapter 13 immediately stops any further foreclosure efforts right up to the final law day in a strict foreclosure and even after the sale of the property, but before the sale approval in the case of foreclosure by sale.

To learn the full benefits of Chapter 13 relief, you need an experienced and specialized Norwalk attorney schooled in the knowledge and implementation of all the powerful rules and nuances of Chapter 13 practice.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve helped hundreds of Fairfield County homeowners utilize Chapter 13 to save their homes and secure their financial future.

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