New Haven Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

New Haven, CT families and individuals in financial trouble often face a multitude of different problems that combine and begin to overwhelm people who have never even had serious financial problems. Bad things can quickly happen to good hardworking people. For people seeking a financial fresh start from a myriad of problems, Chapter 13 can provide solutions to even the most complicated debt problems. Chapter 13 is a set of federal laws created by Congress to solve the financial needs of individuals and homeowners seeking a path back to financial success.


Chapter 13 is the primary method for saving homes and eliminating other forms of debt obligations through a three-to-five year Chapter 13 Plan of Reorganization. Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief stops all foreclosure actions or collection proceeding and provides favorable arrangements for all other types of debt problems.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we have been providing Chapter 13 relief for our New Haven clients for the past three decades. We have a reputation for excellence in Chapter 13 proceedings based on over 30 years of successful Chapter 13 legal practice.

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The Full Scope of Chapter 13 Debt Relief

Chapter 13 has the broadest range of powers and the most comprehensive coverage of any bankruptcy chapter. The power to eliminate, reduce and otherwise alter financial obligations under Chapter 13 extends to every type of personal debt possible.

Home Mortgage Debt: Can be restructured and subjected to lien stripping, elimination or reduction, depending on the value of the underlying collateral. Chapter 13 stops foreclosure and allows for lien stripping.

High Interest Credit Card Debt: Can be eliminated in full or in part all in accordance with your personal assets and individual income.

Underwater Mortgages and Liens: Can be removed from property and eliminated or repaid depending on collateral values and your income.

State and Federal Income Taxes: Are subject to elimination in the case of income taxes over three years old. More recent income tax can be repaid on favorable terms without further late fees or penalties.

Proper Chapter 13 practice requires a full understanding and working knowledge of all the nuances, guidelines and unwritten rules for truly successful Chapter 13 reorganizations. Our ability to craft the best possible Chapter 13 Plans is critical to your success. The most experienced legal counsel assures that you would benefit from the fullest debt reduction Chapter 13 Plan. Your financial future demands the best and most experienced possible Chapter 13 attorney. We’ve created hundreds of successful Chapter 13 Plans for our New Haven clients.

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