Meriden Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

High interest unsecured debt like credit card debt is often the most damaging form of household debt. Credit cards serve no useful function. Credit card debt builds quickly, robs your budget of needed resources and never seems to go down. Never-ending payments and dependence on credit cards causes problems meeting more important obligations like rent, home payments, and general living costs. If unsecured obligations become overwhelming, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief will eliminate unsecured debt, while preserving assets and protecting future income.


If you live in the Meriden area and you’re having trouble making monthly payments or facing lawsuits, telephone collection calls or other collection actions, call the experienced Chapter 7 attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.

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Chapter 7 Debt Relief for Meriden Clients at the Law Offices of Neil Crane

Meriden clients facing high unsecured debt payments and difficult mortgage payments on drastically reduced real estate values need the full range of relief under Chapter 7 whenever possible. Chapter 7 covers a wide and comprehensive range of all types of debt allowing for the discharge of various types of obligations, including:

  • High interest credit card debt relief
  • Relief from mortgage deficiencies and judgments
  • Tax relief for income tax over three years old
  • Relief from payday loans
  • Elimination of overwhelming medical bills
  • Elimination of garnishments, liens and levies

Success at the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process Since 1983

Chapter 7 relief through advanced legal preparation based on your specific financial circumstances. As one of the leading providers of Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief, we’ve handled thousands of diverse cases. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to expertly assess your particular needs and the proper means to your financial goals.

Chapter 7 Petition Filing In the proper hands of experienced bankruptcy attorneys, the filing of the Chapter 7 petition is the last and most predictable part of the Chapter 7 process. With hard work, and perfectly prepared Chapter 7 cases come out perfect.

We’ve successfully filed over 2,500 Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases under the comprehensive and more stringent requirements of the new bankruptcy law.

Chapter 7 Stays Collection Actions and Preserves Assets

The proper utilization of Chapter 7 bankruptcy relieves unsecured high interest debt while preserving essential assets like homes, cars, bank accounts and paychecks. Properly prepared, Chapter 7 is a complete and predictable form of debt relief produced without any loss of business or personal assets.

By eliminating otherwise unresolvable forms of personal debt, Chapter 7 breaks the cycle of continuing old debt and allows your financial resources to be freed up and dedicated to more important household obligations.

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