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While government programs keep promising to address mortgage abuses for homeowners, many Meriden families still struggle to get help with mortgage problems and a variety of other serious debt problems. Many people fight a daily battle to stay current and often become overwhelmed by high payments, phone calls, collection actions and other problems that need to be properly addressed with professional assistance. Chapter 13 allows individuals with any form of income to stop all collection actions and create an affordable repayment plan that properly addresses all their financial troubles.


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Meriden Chapter 13 Attorneys at The Law Offices of Neil Crane

Successful Chapter 13 cases require prompt and experienced attorney preparation. Proper plan formulation is always completed long before any legal papers are filed with the Court.

Chapter 13 Plan Formulation: Customized individual Chapter 13 budgets are created and documented long before filing with the Bankruptcy Court.

Chapter 13 Filing: This is the actual document submission of a properly prepared and supported Chapter 13 petition along with the best Chapter 13 plan possible.

Chapter 13 Plan Confirmation: After a hearing with our attorneys and the Bankruptcy Court, an order issues defining the terms of the Plan. The approved Chapter 13 Plan controls the treatment of all creditors.

Enjoying the Full Scope of Chapter 13 Debt Relief

Chapter 13 has the broadest range of debt protection available under any bankruptcy chapter. The Chapter 13 court has the power to eliminate, reduce and otherwise readjust all types of debt on favorable terms.

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Chapter 13 is the leading means for solving mortgage problems and saving homes. Chapter 13 eliminates or restructures all forms of debt based upon the specific details of your particular financial problems and your household budget.

Chapter 13 properly prioritizes important debts for favorable repayment while also eliminating unimportant debts like credit cards.

Properly creating and supporting Chapter 13 Plans based on the unique individual budgets of each of our clients is an essential element to full Chapter 13 success. Every type of debt is prioritized and paid in accordance with its importance to family needs. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve been preparing and obtaining court approval of well-crafted Chapter 13 Plans since 1983. We’ve saved thousands of Connecticut homes through hard work in the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve confirmed hundreds of Meriden area Chapter 13 cases since 1983.

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