State And Federal Tax Problems in Manchester

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we've been providing tax solutions for our Manchester, CT residents through our local office in Rocky Hill over the past three decades. We understand that state and federal tax problems are scary and often overwhelming. The proper approach requires the best legal tax relief assistance available. Local Manchester professionals, including attorneys, CPAs and accountants refer us a variety of tax clients based on our years of experience and our history of success. We understand how to eliminate, remove or reorganize all types of taxes; including:



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Assuring Success in Solving Manchester, CT Tax Problems


Tax problems, levies, seizures and other tax collection actions are extremely solvable, even under the most extreme circumstances. We have successfully solved all types of tax problems in all stages of collection. As lawyers, we understand how to satisfy the demands of all types of tax revenue officers and the solution options available:

Taxpayer Relief Protected By "Attorney/Client Privilege"


When consulting with one of our experienced tax attorneys, your tax problems and all discussions about the proper tax solutions are confidential and protected by attorney/client privilege. This means that you can confidently and comfortably discuss all of your concerns. We create tax relief plans that assure successful, long-term financial health.


Even if you've fallen way behind on your taxes or failed to file returns, tax problems are still solvable. Our tax relief attorneys understand all the legal options available for resolving overwhelming taxes of all types and amounts. As experienced tax and bankruptcy attorneys, we fully understand all types of tax problems and all the legal options available. We can often begin to solve tax problems that have existed for years within the first stages of an initial consultation.

Manchester Tax Relief Attorneys Since 1983


We've helped hundreds of Hartford County individuals and small business clients properly resolve their specific tax needs and circumstances, including:


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