Manchester, CT Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Many Manchester, CT residents struggle to make monthly payments on high interest credit cards. Despite continuing payments, these credit card bills never seem to end. Instead, these payments undermine the ability to pay more important bills like mortgage payments or other regular monthly costs of living. For many families, Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief is the only chance to obtain debt relief and a financial fresh start. Only through bankruptcy relief from overwhelming credit card debt will these families ever have their monthly household income exceed basic monthly living expenses.


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Chapter 7 Stops Collection Actions and Protects Your Assets


The proper filing of a Chapter 7 petition will immediately stop all forms of collection actions, including phone calls and lawsuits by providing an automatic stay on all efforts to collect. Chapter 7 discharges general unsecured debts, including:


  • Lawsuit or Garnishment
  • Collection Actions
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Personal Loans or Payday Loans
  • Older Tax Debt
  • Deficiency Judgments and many other forms of debt

A properly prepared Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition assures financial success by breaking the cycle of high interest credit card payments to allow financial resources to be allocated to more important monthly financial necessities.

Our Means Testing Experience Qualifies You for Complete Chapter 7 Relief


The new Bankruptcy Code provides standard "median numbers" based upon family size and geographical area. If a family's income exceeds these basic median numbers, full Chapter 7 relief requires means testing. This entails a full analysis and calculation of "allowable deductions" and "actual deductions."

While the new Bankruptcy Code is more difficult, our experienced lawyers fully understand all the nuances and criteria necessary to provide full Chapter 7 relief. The critical element to debt relief under Chapter 7 is good lawyering, hard work and expertise under the new Chapter 7 means testing requirements. It takes work but it is always worth the effort.

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